A gift beyond space and time

Things to put in the Freeze Frame Capsule:

From the Special Day:


  • A local daily newspaper
  • A videotape of the local nightly news
  • A national newspaper (USA Today)
  • A television guide
  • A weekly news magazine (Time, Newsweek)
  • An entertainment magazine (People, US)
  • Special interest magazines (Sports Illustrated, People, Time)

Messages/Letters to the Future®:


  • Significant other
  • From Mom
  • From Dad
  • From Grandma _________________
  • From Grandpa _________________
  • From Aunts/Uncles
  • From Friends
  • Teachers
  • Teammates
  • etc

Throughout the year:


  • Newspaper front pages with major headlines
  • Ticket stubs (concerts, movies, sporting events, etc.)
  • Sports trading cards (or other collectibles)
  • A list of popular expressions (slang)
  • A popular toy or doll (Beanie Babies®, Pet Rock, etc.)
  • A sample of product packaging (empty Coke® can, etc.)
  • An extended family tree
  • A floor plan of your home
  • A popular CD or taped radio show (top-10 music hits)
  • A copy of a future-oriented magazine
  • Your favorite magazine
  • A menu from a favorite restaurant
  • Items from your job or school (business card, etc.)
  • Year-in-review issues of magazines or newspapers



  • Have a scavenger hunt and take all of these photos in a single afternoon
  • The exterior of a gas station (including price board)
  • Downtown or suburban skyline and storefronts
  • A succession of cars traveling down the street
  • Advertising billboards
  • Scenes from your neighborhood
  • The outside of your favorite restaurant
  • Movie theater marquee with movies listed
  • Anything that you think is likely to change
  • Interior and exterior shots of your home
  • Photos of you in your favorite daily clothes
  • Photos of your car(s)
  • Photos of your workplace/School
  • Vacation or fun-time photos
  • A video tour of your home
  • A video tour of your work
  • A video tour of your daily life
  • A Predictions for the Future session with friends in front of the camera
  • Family history interviews
  • Video Messages to the Future®

From TV:


  • Memory Stick
  • Popular or favorite TV shows
  • Year-in-review specials (usually in December)
  • Major sporting events (Super Bowl, etc.)
  • Major news events
  • Music videos
  • Awards programs (Academy Awards®, etc.)
  • Popular cartoons
  • Top-10 music hits
  • 45 or 90 minutes of radio programming
  • Audio Messages to the Future®

For Baby’s Time Capsule:


  • Baby’s and Mom’s I.D. bracelets
  • Baby’s name card
  • New baby cards and letters
  • Baby’s first outfit
  • Baby’s first photo
  • Souvenir birth certificate
  • Sibling drawings or messages


For Wedding Time Capsule:


  • Items/records from planning wedding
  • Cake top
  • Wedding cards
  • Items from honeymoon

Catalogs and Brochures:


  • A fashion catalog
  • A general merchandise catalog (Sears/J.C. Penney)
  • A new car brochure or ad
  • Travel brochures

Daily documents:


  • A receipt from the grocery store
  • A paycheck stub or utility bills
  • A copy of a tax return
  • A copy of a credit card bill
  • A voided personal check

A gift beyond space and time

Things not to put into the Freeze Frame capsule!

  • Perishable items- ex- food, liquids

  • Batteries

  • Flammable items

  • Jewelry

  • Money

  • Anything you need to use on a daily basis

Additional Costs

There will be a $75 restocking fee charged (with shipping and handling) for Freeze Frame capsules that are taken out and put back in for original delivery

If you would like to receive the capsule earlier than the delivery date there will be a $50 early retrieval cost.

Disclosure- This is for entertainment only, no items of significant value should be put inside. We are not responsible for lost or missing items.