A gift beyond space and time

About Us


Like a fleeting snowflake memories tend to fade into the distance past.  Why not literally capture those moments of your life with the special people who made them what they were.  After unsuccessfully trying to get a capsule with my friends when I was in high school I just stopped trying to preserve the memory.  Days turned into weeks, months, and eventually years. My friends and I who were the closest of people eventually drifted away.  I wished I had something to unite and instantly bring back the magic of our friendship as it once was.  This is my gift to everyone out there that wants to hold on to a piece of their life to ensure that it one day comes back to them.  It is a gift that literally goes beyond space and time.

Give a gift beyond space and time.  Time Stamp Inc is the only time capsule company that stores your precious memories for you and sends them back at a predefined time in the future.

Whether it is a group of your friends, a significant other, a team or association, everyone has moments in time that are special to them.  Freeze these moments now for posterity, all you need to do is gather the memories, put it in the capsule and we’ll do the rest!